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Take the Ripple Challenge

Take the Ripple Challenge. Join others from the Christian community that are leading others to Christ. and Living the Great Commission.

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The Dangers of Bringing The Bible Back into the Schools.

PLEASE if you are a Christian Parent or Grandparent Please read this and pray about it.

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20 Ways to say I love you to your child

here are just a few quick ways to say I love you.

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A Little about my Crafts

I am not always all about a writing. sometimes I am caught up in my crochet and quilting.

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Do I really need to go to Church

Have you ever thought about what Jesus thinks about your commitment to Church?

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Do you know Why and What you believe

I just want to make sure ALL my friends, family, and yes even my enemies KNOW THAT THEY KNOW THAT THEY KNOW the real truth

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First Draft of Chapter one done

Are you still checking my Facebook Page for Clues

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I am Me

How about you? Are you whole? Are you who God has called you to be?

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Day two of working on my next book

I don't write on Sundays so today is my second day of working on my book.

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Starting on a new book

Be sure to check out this post and then follow my Facebook Page to get the clues to guess the topic of my next book. You could win a signed copy of my book as soon as it is published.

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Finding your purpose

Do you often wonder if you matter? Do you question what your purpose is? If you are eager to find your passion and purpose this is the article for you.

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Q & A

Many people wonder which day is the actual Sabbath since some churches worship on Sunday and some on Saturday. Here is what the Bible has to say about it.

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Adam and Eve did NOT eat from the tree of life. God made sure of it. See what really happened.

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